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Changes to our Privacy Policy

We will post any changes to our Privacy Notice immediately on our website. Not all changes may result in an updating of this Notice, which is only a summary to help you understand how we use your information. We encourage you to refer to this policy on an ongoing basis so that you understand our current privacy policy


  • Multi-account. Registration or use of more than one account in order to mislead users of SEOSPRINT, as well as not to conduct separate advertising campaigns, is strictly prohibited. It is forbidden to use the same registration data, payment details and phone numbers in more than one account. Periodic matching of IP addresses is allowed.
  • - Use or advertising of automated wrapping tools: autoclickers, autobrowsers, accelerators, etc.
  • Deception of the system, hacking attempts, penetration into other people's accounts.
  • - Blackmail of users, attempts and facts of fraud, illegal seizure and theft of funds.
  • Attempts and facts of "laundering" or exchange of funds by performing operations of depositing funds in one currency/payment system and withdrawing funds in another currency/payment system, as well as aiding in the commission of these actions.
  • - Email SPAM, sending emails with a referral service link.
  • Fraud at work. Distribution or use of ready-made answers and reports on quests and tasks.
  • Actions aimed at undermining the functioning of the project, as well as their representatives. Organization of trolling and stubborn resistance of the Administration.
  • Intrusive attempts to place advertising that is forbidden to be shown by the Project Rules.
  • - Appeals to the SEO Administration sprint or their representatives that are obscene or offensive.
  • -Aiding, complicity in violation of the above paragraphs of the Rules.